Environmental Policy

Northern Hydraulics Ltd. are committed to being an environmental leader.

We embrace our responsibility, integrating environmental considerations to our business and offering innovative solutions, while protecting the environment.

Our values are reflected in our commitment to:

  • Ensuring that our employees have the necessary knowledge, resources, and authority to implement our environmental philosophy
  • Taking practical steps to control the disposal of our various types of waste
  • Ensuring the efficient usage of resources such as electricity, oil, gas, and water
  • Preventing environmental damage by continually assessing and monitoring our operations and improving emergency preparedness and response
  • Initiating and encouraging communications to increase environmental awareness and foster responsible environmental management
  • Promoting continual improvement by encouraging our employees to enhance their environmental awareness
  • Complying with all environmental-related legislation and regulations.

This policy and the associated Environmental Management Guidelines will be reviewed regularly to ensure continuing suitability and effectiveness.

This policy shall be made known to all existing and new employees, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors, displayed throughout our works and reception areas.