Northern Hydraulics are a leading UK manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders

Our dedicated and experienced team in Northern Ireland offer customers enhanced flexibility, to cater for any requirement.

We continually invest in the best equipment and up skilling our team, to produce the highest quality product and aftercare.

We can manufacture cylinders of bore size from 32mm to 200mm and up to 6000mm stroke.

Materials Storage

Cylinder tubing and chrome-plated rod specifications are outlined at the design stage. They are stored in a purpose-built on-site storage facility.

FIFO principles apply to the storage of our raw material and fully programmable precision saws. Which ensure the most cost-effective usage of raw material to minimise wastage.

Quality Assurance
Northern Hydraulics commission regular independent corrosion testing on all our chrome rod supply. This gives our customers full confidence in the material within their cylinders.

Component Manufacture

We have dedicated cells of CNC lathes and milling machines for complete manufacture of components for use in welding & assembly of cylinders.

This component cell utilises latest lights-out technology and robotic tending to maximise capacity and repeatability and quality.

Components are washed, sealed and delivered to assembly in protective kits to ensure max cleanliness.

Quality Assurance
First-Off and In-Process checks are carried out on all components using fully calibrated surface finish testing equipment, go/no-no gauging & micrometers and verniers.

CNC Machining

We have dedicated cells of CNC lathes and milling machines for the complete manufacture of tube, rod for welding and assembly.

In-cycle measuring using go/no-go gauges and high precision measuring equipment is carried out to ensure consistent quality. At this stage, all cylinders are marked with part number and date of manufacture for complete traceability.

Tube & Rod is threaded, drilled & deburred within our dedicated cell of CNC lathes.

At this stage, cylinder part number & batch ID number is stamped onto tube for full traceability.

Quality Assurance
All tubes & rods are 100% in-process checked using fully calibrated Go & No-Go gauging, micrometers & verniers.

Welding Process

One of the most critical and highly skilled processes within the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, and we are continually investing in equipment and people to ensure the highest quality of weld.

At Northern Hydraulics, we have two fully-automated robotic weld cells and two semi-automated welding lathe which allow repeatable quality and efficient manufacture of high volume cylinders.

We have multiple highly skilled manual weld cells which are dedicated to more complex cylinders and first of prototyping.

Quality Assurance
At Northern Hydraulics have already successfully passed welding procedures in accordance with ISO 9606-1:2017 and have welders coded against these standards.

First-off & In-Process weld checks are carried out by our highly skilled and experienced engineers.

Assembly & Testing

Our assembly process focuses on cleanliness and quality. 100% of our cylinders are hydraulically tested up to 150% of their working pressure and in compliance with Hydraulic Cleanliness Standard ISO 4406.

Quality Assurance
First-off and In-Process checks are carried out during assembly of cylinders by highly-skilled operators who have been fully trained and signed off as authorised builders.


Northern Hydraulics use an Electrostatic & 2K Colour Change System to ensure minimum wastage within the paint process, and seamless changeover between colours. Cylinders are 100% fully cleaned and de-greased prior to priming and painting with a 2-pack polyurethane high solid finish paint and cured through an infra-red oven. Our overhead conveyor system is fully automated to maximise capacity.

Final paint thickness can be achieved as per customers unique specifications.
Northern Hydralics have recently invested in an Easybooth for the cleaning, painting & curing of cylinders over 2m length. This has greatly increased our paint capacity.

Quality Assurance
Our Painted cylinders are checked in-process for wet film thickness and on final inspection for dry film thickness. We use fully calibrated digital thickness gauges.


Cylinders are packed and stored via our own ‘V’-block packing system to provide maximum protection to ensure cylinders are delivered to customers in the highest quality.